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Arlington, VA Residential Junk Removal

Within our defined service area in Arlington, VA, our team of experienced movers will move all your unwanted materials, including large furniture, construction waste, clothing, household effects, electronics, and yard debris. We are committed to quickly removing your unwanted items in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Our transparent pricing structure means you can dispose of the unwanted contents of your basement, attic, garage, or yard at a sensible cost.

Arlington, VA Commercial Junk Removal

We Junk It can remove your unwanted items, including furniture, electronic equipment, and appliances from your office, retail, or commercial space in Arlington, VA. Don’t worry about recycling old electronics or outdated furniture. Our commercial junk removal company ensures usable items will go to our charitable partners and working electronics will be redirected to agencies that distribute them to other parts of the country and the world. As always, we will ask you to ensure that personal data is erased from your electronics.

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We Junk It Handles

  • Appliance Removal
  • Piano Removal
  • Construction Waste
  • Yard Debris
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Basement, Attic, Garage
  • Recycling metals, glass, plastic
  • And More!

About Us

We Junk It is a subsidiary of The Mighty Movers, which opened for business in 2006, with an initial focus on household and commercial moving. As the demand for junk removal has grown in Arlington, VA and the local community, so has our company. We Junk It offers a fair and transparent pricing structure, a quick turnaround time, and great service by our experienced crew of professional movers.

Our Arlington, VA We Junk It team is skilled at moving large items, so you can be sure they will arrive at our partner organizations in good condition. Any materials that are toxic or hazardous are carefully routed to locally and federally approved disposal sites. Unusable items that are recyclable are sorted and properly transferred to local recycling centers. If you are getting rid of old but still working electronic equipment, such as outdated phones or computers, the We Junk It team will send them to agencies that distribute such devices around the country and around the world. (We always ask you to confirm that your old electronics are cleared of any personal data.) We deliver your yard waste to composting/mulch centers and we’ll even try to find a home for your old piano. We Junk It has become a staple of both reducing waste for Arlington, VA residents and helping ensure the area stays beautiful and responsible through proper disposal and recycling.

If you have a larger than normal amount of material to be removed, or if you need to dispose of junk from a commercial space, we can remove your unwanted items at a competitive price based on your location and the amount of material you have.

You can count on the We Junk It team to responsibly give you back your precious space at a time and price that suits you.

Green Commitment

We’re proud of our commitment to Green! We redirect more than 70 percent of the junk we haul, and everything else is disposed of according to the most stringent and environmentally sound standards. We have developed good relationships with local agencies and charitable organizations in Arlington, VA, as well as the region’s waste centers.

We offer junk removal in Arlington, VA and carefully sort your items and redirect any usable household items (including clothing, books, and furniture) to our charitable partners. Appliances are disposed of according to federal and local regulations. Working electronics are sent to the appropriate agencies for redistribution. (We will ask you to ensure that all personal data are erased beforehand.) Your unusable electronic devices are delivered to electronic recycling centers. We take your yard debris (including brush and stumps) and other natural items from junk removal in Arlington, VA to your local composting center. And we will properly dispose of construction materials (except those containing asbestos) and other unusable items, including paint, oil and other materials that need to stay out of the landfill.

Making Arlington, VA Better

Keep your area looking beautiful and ensure harmful waste is recycled or disposed of properly with junk removal in Arlington, VA.

We have always been committed to protecting our environment, so we recognize that how we dispose of the items we pick up is an important component of our service. The We Junk It team will ensure that you quickly and easily get rid of your unwanted goods in the safest, most environmentally responsible way possible. We partner with several local agencies and charitable organizations, so that anything collected from junk removal in Arlington, VA that can still be used is redirected instead of thrown away.

Local Debris Removal and Junk Removal In Arlington, VA

We Junk It removes your junk quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price. Our junk removal company team of experienced movers will move all your unwanted materials, including appliances, large furniture, construction waste, clothing and household effects, electronics, and yard debris. Our reputation is built on a transparent pricing system, fast service, and a commitment to responsible disposal practices. We offer junk removal in Arlington, VA and have established partnerships with local northern Virginia recycling, charity, and redistribution centers to efficiently dispose of unwanted items and ensure they don’t disturb the local community or create more waste. If you have unwanted items, junk, or trash piling up, we encourage you to give We Junk It a call or schedule junk removal in Arlington, VA online through our website. We can help remove your junk and repurpose or remove it, so you don’t have to deal with junk in your home or commercial space anymore.


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