Green Commitment

We Junk It follows strict environmentally responsible practices and recycles or reuses over 70% of all item we collect. 

Environmentally Conscious Junk Removal | Green Commitment

We Junk It is proud of our commitment to Green! We believe in environmentally conscious junk removal and redirect more than 70 percent of the junk we haul, and everything else is disposed of according to the most stringent and environmentally sound standards.

We have developed good relationships with local agencies and charitable organizations, as well as the region’s waste centers.

We carefully sort your items and redirect any usable household items (including clothing, books and furniture) to our charitable partners.

Appliances are disposed of according to federal and local regulations. Working electronics are sent to the appropriate agencies for redistribution. (We will ask you to ensure that all personal data are erased beforehand.) Your unusable electronic devices are delivered to electronic recycling centers. We take your yard debris (including brush and stumps) to your local composting center. And we will properly dispose of construction materials (except those containing asbestos) and other unusable items, including paint, oil and other materials that need to stay out of the landfill.

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Eco Friendly Junk Removal In Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia
We Junk It offers eco-friendly junk removal services in northern Virginia. Usable items are sent to community charitable partners or to local recycling centers.
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