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residential junk removal companyWithin our defined service area, our team of experienced movers will move all your unwanted materials, including large furniture, construction waste, clothing, and household effects, electronics, or yard debris. We are committed to quickly removing your unwanted items in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Our transparent pricing structure means you can dispose of the unwanted contents of your basement, attic, garage or yard at a sensible cost.

If you have more than a truckload of junk and/or are outside our defined service area, give our friendly team a call. Our large-scale services are available throughout the entire Herndon & Northern Virginia region and are quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Schedule your trash removal online or by phone. Our services are fast, affordable and eco-friendly!


Our office will confirm your appointment and let you know when our trained professionals are on their way.

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When our haulers arrive, they will confirm your estimate, collect payment and remove your unwanted items.


We will contact you after completing the job to confirm that you are happy with the work we did.
Service Pricing

We believe in transparency and offer simple and easy to understand pricing in our defined service area. Our online scheduling system and personal service ensure great service.

Description Fee*
1/4 Truck $200.00
1/2 Truck $400.00
3/4 Truck $600.00
Whole Truck $800.00

For commercial junk removal please visit our commercial services page here.

*Pricing based on a sixteen-foot box truck, which is 8′ wide and 10′ high. 1/4 truck load it equates to 320 cubic feet.

Service Area

Our easy to understand residential junk removal pricing is available in our defined service area as outlined below. If you are outside or unsure if you fall in our service area please contact us to confirm.

Service Area Map

Click for Service Area Map

For commercial junk removal, we offer service throughout the DC area and quote on a per job and contract basis. Please contact a representative for more details.

Northern Virginia Local Junk and Debris Removal Services


Appliance Removal

Working appliances are redirected to our charitable partners. Appliances that no longer work are disposed of according to local and federal guidelines.

Piano Removal

We carefully remove all pianos, including electric keyboards. If your piano is in great condition, we’ll try to find a new home for it.


Construction Waste

We can clear your area of construction materials (except those containing asbestos), including leftover paint and varnishes.

Yard Debris

We haul away all your yard debris, including stumps, leaves and brush, and take it to your local composting center.

Basement, Attic & Garage

Our experienced movers can access those out-of-the-way spaces, and we deliver used paint cans, oil, etc., to the proper disposal facilities.

E-Waste Disposal

We send working electronics to charitable agencies for redistribution, and dispose of the rest in compliance with the most stringent standards.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

We empty any personal or commercial space that is in foreclosure, using the same principles of reuse/recycle/responsibly dispose.

Hot Tub Removal

Large or small, we can get that hot tub out of your indoor or outdoor space.

We are committed to fair and transparent pricing, fast and professional service, and environmentally sound disposal practices. We take your business seriously!

Square LogoGreen Commitment

We are extremely proud of our commitment to Green! We redirect more than 70 percent of the unwanted items we haul, and everything else is disposed of according to the most stringent and environmentally sound standards. We have developed good relationships with local agencies and charitable organizations, as well as the region’s waste centers. We carefully sort your items and redirect any usable household items (including clothing, books and furniture) to our charitable partners. Appliances are disposed of according to federal and local regulations. Working electronics are sent to the appropriate agencies for redistribution. (We will ask you to ensure that all personal data are erased beforehand.) Your unusable electronic devices are delivered to electronic recycling centers. We take your yard debris (including brush and stumps) to your local composting center. And we will properly dispose of construction materials (except those containing asbestos) and other unusable items, including paint, oil and other materials that need to stay out of the landfill.

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